#OnetouchLive_Beyond Intro

By on March 31, 2016

Choosing to focus on the beauty of the people and places we visit, we rarely give a glimpse into what goes into showcasing the beauty and cultures of Africa. (more…)

#OnetouchLive – Ngong Road Forest

By on March 21, 2016

It’s not a place many would like to visit because of the stories of carjackings and muggings that have happened here. These were also our objection statements when we were invited to pay a visit by one of the Ngong Road Forest Association members. In her defence and that of the forest, she told us there’s parts that are completely fenced off ensuring safety for those visiting. Convinced, we got our cameras ready for the ‘myth debunking tour’. (more…)

West Pokot with World Vision

By on October 10, 2015

Early Monday morning on the 5th October 2015, six of us left for a journey to West Pokot and parts of Rift Valley. What we saw, opened our eyes and changed our perception about this far flung place. (more…)

#OnetouchLive Amboseli – The Return

By on September 22, 2015

Amboseli National Park is a place to behold with beauty that surrounds it at every corner. With the breath taking view of mount Kilimanjaro on your way there to herds of elephants greeting at the gate … It is a place to behold.

We had been to this park previously sometime in 2014 and it was time for a return trip this time we wanted to stay inside the camp such that we had no limitations in time when exiting and entering the park during game drives. (more…)

#OnetouchLive Meru

By on July 31, 2015

Many safaris and game drives are planned every day in Kenya. Mostly to Mara, Nairobi, Nakuru and Amboseli. Very few to Meru National Park. Yet this far-flung wilderness park holds a beauty that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves being in the wild. (more…)

#OnetouchLive Nakuru – The Return

By on April 27, 2015

Every January, we pick destinations we’ll be visiting that year. We work hard to visit places most of us have not been to before, because fresh eyes discover beauty better. Somehow, Nakuru came up, despite us having been there last August. (more…)

#OneTouchLive Nairobi

By on March 28, 2015

A couple of weeks back, some members of the One Touch Live crew made their way around the city of Nairobi to capture the events, sights and sounds of this bustling city. It all started with about 2 weeks or preparation and seeking licenses from the necessary authorities allowing us to shoot and film in the city for the day.

Nairobi City by Joe Makeni

The day begun very early with sunrise shots being captured from the Uhuru Park viewpoint. We braved the cold, to capture the beauty of the sun rising behind the city skyline. Below are a few images,

Nairobi Skyline by Mwarv
Nairobi Skyline by Mwarv
Nairobi Skyline by Shani
Nairobi Skyline by Shani

After soaking in the sun kissed city, it was time for the traditional ‘Chapo Chai’ (Chapati and Tea) breakfast. We then went on to begin roaming the streets with the early morning rush, with the many Kenyan’s making their way to offices, businesses opening and the hustle beginning.

Taxi Photo by Steve Kitots
Chester House photo by Joe Makeni

While shooting we begun to hear screams and shouts and happened to be headed straight into the path of a riot. It was quite a moment as we photographed the rioters who were very passionate about their cause. We then ventured further into the city center into the deep bowels of Kirinyaga road where we also encountered different characters.  It is interesting to see how Kenyan’s become curious at a bunch of men yielding cameras, many curious to know which TV station it is others hiding their faces etc.

Man on the ledge photo by Shani
Haki Yetu photo by Joe Makeni
Let us be heard photo by Steve Kitots

We proceeded further into the CBD and captured the following images.

City Centre photo by Mwarv
Mathree | Matatu photo by Mwarv
Matatu Tout photo by Mutua
Boda Boda photo by Mwarv
Matatu Terminus phot by Mutua
University Way photo by Mwarv
Freezing time photo by Shani
Goodnight Nairobi photo by Joe Makeni

Hope you enjoyed the images, stay tuned for the next adventure.

Visiting Lake Ol Bolossat

By on February 20, 2015

A few days ago, we took some time off our schedules to plan Onetouch’s activities for the year. We chose to visit Central Kenya’s only lake. (more…)

#OnetouchLive Nakuru

By on August 21, 2014

Before we went to Nakuru, almost six months had passed since our last trip which was to Amboseli. After plans for Brazil were pushed to a later date, we were all eager to hit the road with our cameras and see the beauty that lies past our computer screens.

We met just outside Westlands on the cold Monday morning of 4th August, car pooled and hit the road towards Nakuru. We had a brief stopover at Kijabe for some roast maize and later at Kikopey for some meat. The prices of meat at these shacks rivals that in the more refined establishments in Nairobi!

We got to Nakuru at about 1630h and after some shopping, got into Lake Nakuru National Park just before the 1800h cut-off time.

Because of flooding at the Lake, we found that the main gate and park offices had relocated to higher ground. The road flanking the western side of the Lake was underwater so getting to Makalia Campsite, which is where we were to spend the night, took longer than expected. The extra distance covered was made manageable by the sighting of a lioness!

Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-1A view of Lake Nakuru through the enchanted forest on the eastern side of the Lake.

Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-2Early Tuesday morning before breaking camp. We were the only humans at the campsite.


Makalia Falls.

After breaking camp, we took a game drive, the only one of the day, as we exited the park. We took our time and shot leisurely, occasionally coming out of our cars at designated points to take in the beauty of the park.

Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-4 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-5 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-6 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-7 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-8 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-10A view of Lake Nakuru from Baboon Cliff.

Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-11 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-12 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-13 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-14 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-15 Onetouch_Live_Nakuru-16This isn’t a big rat, but a rock hyrax, the elephant’s closest relative in the animal kingdom.

We got back to Nairobi when it was dark and started planning the next trip, which will most likely be to Magadi and Natron.


#OnetouchLive Thika

By on July 22, 2014

Thika is home to sixteen magnificent falls – Chania, Thika, and Fourteen. We soaked in them on one day and here’s part of our experience. (more…)